About us

We are a research network of European scholars specialized in quantitative research methods. We develop, critically evaluate, and use these methods in sociological research. We are committed to offering an analytical perspective on sociology, where our theoretical arguments are strictly evaluated by empirical research. We promote the use of all quantitative methods, including survey research, experimental methods, causal inference, simulation, statistical techniques, comparative methods. As part of the European Sociological Association, we focus especially on cross-national collaboration and comparative research.

What we do:

  1. We organize sessions at the conferences of the European Sociological Association;
  2. We organize mid-term conferences on topics in quantitative research;
  3. We organize workshops for PhD students related to statistics, methodological advances and general topics in empirical social research;
  4. We distribute information via a mailing list;
  5. We hand out a prize for junior researchers; and
  6. We facilitate scientific visits and collaboration between members of the network.

All those who are engaged in quantitative or mixed methods empirical research, wherever they may be working in Europe, are welcome to become members of our Research Network.